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Psalms 8.4 - What is man that you are mindful of him?

What a reminder.  So often in my life, I have dumb mind games that tell me that:

-I don't have value -The great stories are for other people -I'm spare parts -God loves everyone, but He puts up with me and my failures -I can never measure up

Then I read verses like this.  Today, I just want to get one simple idea across.

God has placed infinite value on you!

Before you allow your mind to to combat that idea with "reality," take a moment and really allow that to set in.

God is infinitely bigger than anything we can measure or even begin to imagine.  He is outside of time, physical laws, and space by the obvious fact that he is the creator of those things and it is natural to assume that the creator of a thing cannot/ should not exist within the reality of that creation.  Yet God not only chooses to exist within the context of his creation, he has chosen to become ONE OF his creation and then to DIE FOR HIS CREATION to REDEEM HIS CREATION.

Let me pull this out of theology....


Dwell on this thought....the supernatural, immeasurable God is your friend.  Crazy, isn't it?  Let's not allow this to become common.

I challenge you to listen to Fred Hammond's song, "You called me friend." The lyrics are below...

Perfect and true Pure in all your ways O Lord, there is none else like you, no one like you And all these things keep me in awe of you For i'm overwhelmed that you would call me friend

what is man that thou art mindful of him? Could an awesome God find power down within? Just to know that you delight to be with me Fills my heart, with so much joy

You are valued today not because of what you can do, but because the highest power has placed that on you.

Random thought...

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