think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

Recently, a friend of mine received some powerful advice. You see, she has incredible destiny on her life and the talent to back it up, but like so many of us is also forced to confront a wall of fear every time she walks into the areas of her gifting.

Well, she was about to walk on stage in front of a couple thousand people and the mind games started again.

What if you mess up? Maybe you aren't really good at this. Thousands are going to see you fail.

At that moment, a mentor looked at her and said, "fear or anointing. Choose one today."

Well what do you say to that? When it is that cut and dry, the choice becomes clear doesn't it? It's so easy to mask our fear and make it sound spiritual.

"I just don't feel it's the Lords timing." "I'm more of a behind the scenes person." "I don't want the spotlight to be on me."

Now those may be correct at times, but you know in your heart if they are God's word, or just a spiritual cop out.

We love to hear stories of people who are walking in their giftings with an influence that can only be described as Gods anointing. Heres the problem. Show me someone being used by God in any capacity and I'll show you someone that has had to make it a habit of tearing down walls of fear in their lives.

Where are you called to step out in faith and you are shrinking in fear?

When you have that area or areas in your heart, I have one question...

Are you going to choose fear or anointing today?

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