think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

A crisis reintroduces a man to himself...

Just when you feel like you have life by the tail and you're beginning to get traction, something happens.  The deal falls through, a loved one gets sick, relational stress occurs, the demands on your life increaes, or your available time decreases.

Whatever the stessor may be, the core facts remain the same; we feel as though our available resources (talent, time, money, support) are just too limited for the current situation.

We think, "If I just had ____________, then I could do this."

What happens during crisis is important to take note of.  You find out who you are, what your fears are, and what you truly believe about yourself and others.

Do you fight through it?  Do you become paralyzed in fear?  Do you become the proverbial 500 ton gorilla laying waste to anyone who stands in your way?  What happens in your during crisis is too important to ignore.

These are rare glimpses into your soul, your carnal reactions that usually sit obediently in the corner.  When it hits the fan, however, the basest parts of you and I come out. Don't waste a good crisis.  Don't waste opportunities to look deeply into a mirror of your soul.

Allow God to be in these moments.  I believe that when we do, we'll see His character come out.  When He was crushed, we saw that He was love, patience, and grace.

I am so often far from that.  But opportunity awaits just around the corner.  A time of testing when I'll see exactly where I'm at in relation to Christ.  A moment to allow Him to develop His likeness in me.

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