think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

1 Thessalonians 1.7 - You have turned into a model of faith yourselves for all the believers.

All of us have influence on those around us.

We influence both up and down.

If we really believe leadership isn't merely positional, but more accurately based on persuasion, than we have to embrace the fact that our life is communicating….constantly.  It's easy to think that the only time we are transferring life lessons to those around us is when we are "on" but what we need to accept is the fact that even when we think we are "off," we are not.

I would argue that we communicate more practically and helpfully when we are not on a stage or holding a microphone. Those are times that we "tell."  The more valuable lessons come when we can "show."

Show how to live generously.
Show how to live honorably.
Show how to live patiently.
Show how to live passionately.
Show how to live intentionally.
Show how to live well.
My challenge is that we would continue to prepare thoroughly for the moments we TELL, but realize that the vast majority of the time, we are not on a stage.   Our normal, everyday lives lived well can be an incredible and practical resource to those we influence.

You are a model of faith. 

They are watching.  They are following.  Let us influence well.
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