think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

Over the past couple months, I've started a weekly thing that I'm simply calling personal development time. It's time that I take each week for couple hours and totally focus on keeping me on track, studying, sharpening and improving myself. Door shut, internet turned off, email program closed and phone on vibrate.

Intentionally taking some time to look in the mirror and honestly ask:

-What do I need to focus on in my life?

-Honestly, am I focusing on those things?

-Am I moving forward and in the right direction?

-Am I adding up to the sum I want to be?

At first glance, it seems selfish and non-work related, but I look at it as creating margin so that I can be the most valuable to the team long haul. A better father, pastor, christian, husband, friend, leader, and thinker.

Time to take my hand off the plow, look up, and see:

  • If I'm working in the right direction.
  • If what I'm doing is actually making a difference.
  • If the context has changed without me shifting my strategy.
  • Am I as God would want me to be?
  • Is the culture I'm creating as God would want it to be?

Time to ask God to develop:

  • Depth.
  • Authenticity.
  • Thoughtfulness.
  • Focus.

I don't want to be the guy that just DID much, but who WAS much. Who called others to BE significant. BE authentic. Live with DEPTH. Love with a RICH LOVE. Work with a FRESH ZEAL.

Yes, I want to be extremely productive. Not just extremely busy.

Many times they are not the same.

How about you? BUSY?

How can you create space in your schedule to evaluate what the sum of your actions, thoughts, attitudes and habits are adding up to be?

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