think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

When God gives you a promise, he invites you into battle.

When David fought Goliath, there were at least 1000 to 1 odds that he would survive.

Noah had to fight everyday for nearly 100 years to build the ark, working hard physically while enduring the ridicule of people and most probably the waning faith of his family.

Jesus lived 30 obedient years in the shadows of his own creation. Then, he launches his own ministry. The ministry that creation had literally been waiting for, he was mocked, questioned, cornered and eventually killed. And that was by the ones that were trained to be looking for him.

His followers? Scared, cocky, narcissistic, selfish and immature.

From the disciples then apostles standpoint, they were under trained, under funded, persecuted on every side and had to constantly fight the battle against disunity.

In each instance, God had given a promise but the road connecting the current position to Gods promise was one that demanded intense resolve, discipline, fight and passion.

There was no time for lollygagging, self infatuation, procrastination or whining.

Ask the Israelites. What happened after they entered the promise land? War.

The idea that we can do damage for the good of Gods mission by listening worship music and being good is not reality or bible. It may be western church, but it's not helpful.  Show me someone who is successful, and you'd most likely see someone who has fought far past many quitting points.  Show me someone who has quit their entire lives and you'd see a life that you wouldn't want to emulate.

Here are a few questions I want you to consider.

1) I want you to think about the last year. What were your battles? What was your response? Did you fight or did you quit? Was it worth it?

2) I want you to think about the battles that may lie in your future. What will your response be? Why will you fight?

It's important that you determine why you will fight. The obligation to be a good person will fade when emotions do. There has to be a bigger WHY to fighting. Family? Mission? What is it for you?

Two last questions...

The times when you quit, were you ever glad you did?

The times you pushed past quitting points, did you ever regret it?

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