think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

Recently, our 13 year old wrote a spoken word about how she sees social media. She used to have instagram but doesn't anymore. She's never had a facebook. What she's had is a front row seat to what feels like addictive behavior by seemingly everyone around not excluded. Hearing her present this to our family in our living room was convicting. So much so that I asked her to send it to me so I can re-read it often.

It's a surreal but amazing experience to be challenged and coached by your middle school daughter. She's on to something here.

So, here it is. Her spoken word on social media. She mentions Facebook but equally applies to just about any online platform.

Feel free to share.

The pride of our lives
Holder of the archives
Maker of all our joy
Every child’s favorite toy
A learning device
We don’t think twice
As we click.
Click like a photo
Click click watch a show
Click click click as our lives deteriorate
Click I just couldn’t find a way
To stop.
I spent all my time for this post for facebook
I didn’t realize how I was going to look
Before a crowd who’d judge my every move
But it’s ok, it’s just their advice! I’m gonna improve!
But I won’t because I’ll be here on my phone
In my room in the dark all alone.
Will no one help me overcome my addiction?
Will I forever live online like a fiction?
Or will I end up in a terrible confliction?
Between my real life and the social crucifiction
As I stand before the jurisdiction
And I realize my entire depiction
Of my life is a lie.

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