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This holiday can be polarizing in the Christian community. Our girls go to public school and they have friends who, because of their faith, are not allowed to dress up or participate in Halloween in any way.

In 2019.


I'm not saying that this is objectively wrong and I actually admire at some level anyone who sacrificially lives out their faith. But my only push back would be this...have you taken the time to process whether you are following what you feel God is speaking to your heart or are you simply protecting a tradition that's a bit long in the tooth?

For us as Voice Church, we see 3 potential approaches to holidays like this.


This approach asks the question, "How do I let them know they're wrong?"

How can I boycot, post on social or otherwise display my objection to this?


This approach asks the question, "How do we stay quarantined and out of the blast zone?"

Is there an alternative event we could have to control the environment and particiapte on our terms and on our property?


This approach asks the question, "How could God use me where He has me?"

This is our approach as a church community.

This is the one time a year when your neighbors come to your house. How can we use that opportunity to "love our neighbor?"

That doesn't mean we pass out toothbrushes or bible tracts. Seriously. Don't be that person.

It'll look different for each context, but here's what we do at our house.

  • We bring the firepit from the backyard to the driveway.
  • We have stuff for people to make smores.
  • We have a movie projector playing Pixar/Dreamworks Halloween movies to draw people in and encourage them to stay for a few.
  • We have normal candy for the kids that are focused on the quantity game.
  • We introduce ourselves, learn names, hear stories and build relationships.

This isn't the only way by any means. I know people that organize neighborhood parades, pool parties, and festivals for their communities.

The big thing I want to encourage you to process is, what's your approach and how are you capitalizing on the one day a year when it's the easiest to be a good neighbor?

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