think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

At some point, we'll all get knocked down. It may be through our choices, others' choices or even unforeseen situations. The hard reality,though, is that it WILL happen. You'll be going on with life as usual and then, out of nowhere, you'll find yourself flat on your back wondering what happened.

This is where you have some decisions to make.

You can sit there and think about what took place, who did you wrong or how you didn't deserve it.


You can get up and get moving.

It doesn't matter what took you out. Nothing you do now will change what happened.

You have no control over what took you down but you have COMPLETE CONTROL over how long you STAY DOWN.

So while you may be tempted to sit and sulk, let me give you a few reasons to get up.

1) The future is unwritten Your current circumstances may be sobering, disconcerting, and overwhelming. Just remember… God said that you are more than an overcomer. That would be a weak statement if there weren't situations you and I HAD TO OVERCOME. As much as you may think you know what tomorrow will bring, I can make you a promise. It'll be more of the same if you stay down.

2) Those close to you need your best! Your family needs you. Your friends need you. Those closest to you need the best of you. You may feel like you don't have anything to bring the the table right now.  THAT IS A LIE.  You have incredible value to add. Pick up the phone and encourage someone. Breathe life into someone. Do something selfless for someone. As you refresh others, you'll find the best parts of you coming back to life.

3) God is with you and He is for you. This is the biggie. God isn't some idea.  He isn't a rulebook.  He is the ultimate reality and He is not only WITH YOU, but He is infinitely FOR YOU.  The clearer that picture becomes, the smaller the obstacles will appear.

If life is going great right now, log this.  If you know someone who is having a hard time right now, share it with them. Life is too short and God is too good tor us to stay down.

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