think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

The world needs another blog like it needs another Nicholas Cage movie.

Seriously, he needs to stop.

Moving along.

So, then why do I blog?

Here are the top five "non-reasons."

  1. I have a moral obligation to feed my thousands of adoring fans like a mother bird feeds her chicks.
  2. If I don't get rid of this potent life changing information, my head will literally burst from all the amazingness it's forced to contain.
  3. Publishers have been camping in my front lawn like Bieber fans waiting for me to say yes to a book deal so I need a blog to practice.
  4. My mom said I should.
  1. Asians are known for being awesome at a few things that include classical music, martial arts, any racquet sport and blogging.

I kid. I kid.

Why do I blog? Why do I think more people should? Not to build a platform. Not to become famous. Not to land a book deal.

I blog for me.

It helps me:

  • To log my thoughts.
  • To force myself to think deeper on various subjects on a consistent basis.
  • To help those who may be interested in the content I write.

This is where I can develop, learn, and think. Maybe for a book one day or more likely just for me to be a more thoughtful and grounded leader, pastor, friend, husband and father.

Why do you blog? Ever thought of starting one?

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