think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

As I'm writing this, so many people are going through transition. Students are graduating, friends are getting married and having kids (hopefully in that order), the Rockford Masters Commission is becoming Focus One, and my baby girl is making the courageous step into kindergarten. :)

Transition is a natural occurance in life. It's not a matter of "if" but "when." And when it happens, how do you deal with it? Some of the most important decisions we make must be made in seasons of transition. What college? What job? What city?

Wherever you are right now, I want to challenge you to take a quick evaluation of your life. Slow down...turn off the tv...and really think about your life.

Are you living a life you'd be proud to tell your grandkids about? Are you living a life that aligns with what you say are your core values?

If we're honest, we fall short at some level. My prayer is that we can go on a journey together to realize a couple things.

1) Life is linear and brief.
2) I want my life to matter.

Will you join me?

Quick question for you...what do you want your life to accomplish?

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