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Before I highlight a few podcasts I'm listening to, I want to highlight a bit of tension for me in this space.

My natural tendancy is to fill every second of dead air in my day with a podcast or audiobook. Traffic, getting ready in the morning, chores, walking around stores, etc. There's so much of what seems to be wasted time. Might as well learn something new and improve yourself right?

What's also true is that it can be distraction. For the same reason a screen addict reaches for IG or YouTube, I can reach for an audio distraction.

Also, while we can all tend to do anything from being bored, I believe those are the moments God will speak. Those are the moments epiphanies appear. In boredom. Embrace it. Waiting to checkout at Costco when you lost the fast line lottery. Sitting in traffic. Doing dishes. The times I didn't reach for my phone sometimes surprise me with a eureka idea or solution.

It's not all or nothing. It's rhythm. Sound without rest isn't music. It's just noise. The beauty is in the rhythm.

So, my encouragement (and I promise I'll get to the podcasts I like) is to evaluate the clutter of your podcast library. Maybe you need to unsubscribe to some shows or delete some episodes that you've been meaning to get to but continue to pile up. Give yourself the freedom to reset the pile. If you end up liking some of my suggestions, maybe consider removing another podcast to keep your playlist manageable.

Also, I LOVE listening to people that I disagree with. Not if they're combatative though. I especially love listening to people that are kind, humble, thorough, studious and engaging. I constantly want to ask, "You're smart yet we disagree. Why do you believe what you believe?" There'll be some of that on this list too.

Ok. With that said, here are just a few of the podcasts I'm enjoying lately.


Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

  • This doesn't need much of an introduction for more people. A veteran and proven leader whose principles work for church and business contexts. I appreciate his ability to cut to the core issues in a particular topic and gives clear, portable ideas you can implement.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

  • His topics are probably most helpful for church senior leaders and communicators but that's what I am. :) Super diverse topically and interview style. Skip past the first 4 minutes to get to the good stuff.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

  • Similar to Andy Stanley's podcast but much denser. Less conversational and is designed to be concise. You'll find yourself wanting to pause often and write things down or to just think about what he said. Somtimes it feels like one liner after one liner. He states ideas and moves on quickly. Like drinking from a fire hose.


Ask NT Wright Anything

  • One of my favorite thought leaders on faith. He loves people and deeply understands scripture. At the same time, he is aware of his humanity and how he is most likely confidently wrong about some things. Refreshing. Instead of the density of his books, this podcast is much more conversational and feels like you're grabbing coffee with him.

The Bible for Normal People

  • One of those podcasts that I don't always agree with doctrinally but aspire to be like empathetically. Peter loves Jesus, loves people and loves scripture. I need more people like this in my life.

Another Name for Everything

  • Richard Rohr is a polarizing figure. FAR more liberal theologically than me, he's a franciscan friar and became a Catholic Preist in 1970. What I like about this podcast is that it challenges me to think outside the box and forces me to hear voices outside my echo chamber.


Voice Church

  • My favorite church. 😜 Led by a guy that can be accurately described as "fine I guess."

How I Built This

  • Interviews with founders of companies like Ben and Jerry, AirBnB, Chipotle, etc and walks through their journeys. Like a behind the scenes company biography. I always end up saying "I had no idea about that. Fascinating."

What Were You Thinking with John Ortberg

  • Led by probably my favorite author, I love the concept of this one. In every person's life are key turning point moments. The launching of a thing. The imploding of a thing. John asks the question "what were you thinking in that moment?" So good.

Science VS

  • They deep dive into the science behind things like essential oils, vaping, vaccines, diets, etc. A thorough, funny and logical rebuttal to pop culture group thought.


  • My geek is showing. This show is probably 15 minutes too long filled with a bunch of yadda yadda but I love it. Talk all around tech stuff like smart phones, consumer electronics, and what the future may look like. A beautiful waste of time.

That's just some of them. There are at least 10 more that I didn't mention but this post is getting too long.

How about you? What do you think of this list? What are you loving that I'm missing?

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