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I don't even like potato salad. Essentially, anything that is mayo based is on the "disgusting" list. This, kickstarter campaign, however is nothing short of amazing. Zack Brown, started with a simple goal. He wanted to make some potato salad and needed $10 for supplies. So, he did what any of us would do if we needed money. He took to the interwebs.

He ended up raising $55,492 when the campaign finally ended today.

What? How does that happen?

This is the world we live in now. There are opportunities that simply didn't exist before the proliferation of the internet and, more importantly, social media.

Gone are the gatekeepers that determine who gets a voice as a singer, comedian, writer, videographer, dancer, speaker, photographer, poet, etc.

Not all is rosy in the land of social media. Unfortunately, now every idiot has a voice. But, now, for the first time ever, EVERYONE has an opportunity.


Don't blame the publisher, talent scout, conference organizer, small town or anyone else for why you don't have a platform.

Do you have a message? Then get it out there! Do a great job. Do the best job you possibly can and let the content stand on it's own two feet.

Don't wait for someone else to open the door for you. No one cares what you were about to do. No one cares about the "great idea" you haven't done anything about.

So, are you done giving excuses? Someone just raised fifty five thousand dollars (had to write it out for emphasis) for a bowl of potato salad.



If your message is more valuable than a bowl of potato salad, quit talking about it. Quit blaming others. Quit blaming your situation.


Get to work!

Amaze us.

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