think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

I'm sure you've heard this line as much as I have. We use it to be the nail in the coffin for any of life's critical choices. The line?

"I have a peace about it."

It's as if peace were THE determining factor as to whether you are in the center of God's will. Well, I DISAGREE. Here are a couple thoughts:

  1. Jonah was asleep on the boat as it was sinking because of his sin. He had complete PEACE while he was in complete DISOBEDIENCE.
  2. On the flip, Jesus was literally sweating blood while he was in the absolute center of Gods universal plan.

What do we take from this? I’ve had too many friends make terrible decisions that use this line to justify themselves. The second most abused line is “God told me” but that is a topic for another day. At the same time, I’ve had plenty of friends make correct albeit difficult decisions who had a good bit of anxiety, worry yet were covered in a blanket of trust in the reality and goodness of God.

Peace is a sign, but it is not THE sign. As we make critical life decisions, here are some filters you may want to consider using.

  1. God’s Word - His Word shows His will and His will is more about the kind of person you ARE and less about the place you live or job you have.
  2. God’s People - Who are people in your life that are consistently faithful to Christ? What would they do in your shoes?
  3. God’s Voice - Take time to pray and then take time to listen to what God is speaking to your soul. Take that back through the first two filters so you can determine whether it was God or indigestion.

Many times, when God is leading us to make difficult decisions, I do not have peace, but I do have trust. I do have faith. In all honesty, if there is a prevailing sense of peace and no adversity, it makes me take a step back and evaluate why the enemy isn't giving more opposition to my direction.

How about you?

Where does peace play a role in your decision making process?

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