think like a person of action : : act like a person of thought

Quick question.

What kind of person would your current choices, if unchanged, make you?

Before you move ahead too quickly, really take a moment and think about it.

  • Your current prayer life.
  • Your current level of generosity.
  • Your current level of patience.
  • Your current level of intentional mentoring.
  • Your current level of self education.
  • Your current spending habits.

Imagine those little decisions snowballing each and every day to create the future you.

Would you be happy with that person?

  • Is that the sort of parent you would like to be?
  • Is that the sort of spouse you would like to be?
  • Would that person have a level of impact that you would be proud of?
  • What would you think about the legacy that person would leave to your family, your job, your church, your friends, or your city?

To be honest, as I look at my life, my answer is not the resounding yes that I want it to be. There is so much about my current habits that I would be utterly frustrated and disappointed with if they continued for years. That is not the kind of person I want to be. That is not the kind of person my family deserves. And, ultimately, I don't believe that is the kind of person God designed me or desires me to be.

I think, at some level, you probably feel the same way. The amount of change that needs to take place can be overwhelming. The perfection we hold ourselves to can be more paralyzing than motivating. At the same time, desire is not enough. Disappointment is not enough. A moment of epiphany is not enough.

Actions need to change. Different choices need to be made consistently so that new habits can be formed. And every time a new habit is formed, the future you shifts. Who that person becomes is up to us. We cannot determine our circumstances entirely, but we can determine our responses to those circumstances.

My challenge to both you and myself is to create a clearer picture of the kind of person I need to become and then figure out what habits need to be created to make progress.

Progress always motivates. Perfection paralyzes.

Instead of being frustrated at the person you are not, ask yourself "what is something I can do to make progress in this area?"

Before you have a fully funded six month emergency fund, can you save $20 this week?

Before you dwell on the current condition of your body, can you decide to not eat a midnight snack tonight?

Before you get frustrated at not being a morning person, can you get up five minutes earlier tomorrow?

Before you allow yourself to drown in your stress and worry, can you take a few minutes to pray and give that to God?

The bottom line is this… Are you the person you ultimately want to be? Probably not.

  • Do you have breath in your lungs? That means you have time.

  • Can you think of one thing you can do that will get you in the right direction? Then you have a plan.

  • Do you want to make a positive impact on those in your life? Then you have a reason.

Decide today that you refuse to be paralyzed by perfection. Choose to make some progress…starting right now.

I'm rooting for you!

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