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This is part one of the series.

As both a tech and efficiency junkie, the idea of a tablet/laptop has been the holy grail. Powerful enough to do serious work, but portable enough to sketch ideas, watch videos, read books and even use it instead of paper to preach sermons or perform weddings.

Ever since the first iPad came out back in 2010, I have wanted to see if it could replace a conventional laptop or desktop. I loved the battery life, the simplicity of the large screen and the idea of having one less device to carry around. Could the iPad not only help you watch videos, but enable you to create them? Not only read articles, but write them as well?

The overwhelming answer? Big, fat NO.

The first iPad was a huge failure in that respect.

Great to consume content, but mediocre to create it.

Could the iPad Pro change all that?

  • Modern OS built from the ground up with multitasking in mind.
  • Smart keyboard with thoughtful shortcuts.
  • Super fast CPU and GPU that rival low end Intel chips.
  • Long battery life.
  • Mature App Store ecosystem full of well designed apps in every category from all the top software companies.

The big one for me is that the iPad Pro is more than a device. It shows a direction for Apple. It's a first step at what's next.

The question then is, it it far enough down that path to be usable as a laptop replacement or do we wait for it to mature a bit more?

Armed with a 128 gig version with a smart keyboard, I'm going to see if it has what it takes to help me do what I need to do as a pastor, speaker, exec and writer. The video below is part one. Subscribe on YouTube or this blog to keep up on the experiment.

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